10. Reasons To. Visit Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is a stunner of a city. Steeped in history, glorious in design and breathtaking in looks. Just in case you needed any more reasons to go and visit, here’s ten more that should convince you to make this your next trip.

  1. Walk the Stradun and Old Town narrow streets: Explore the Old Town, start with the main street ‘Stradun’, then make your way around the grid of narrow streets off either side. Here you’ll find small boutique shops, cafes and countless restaurants. Take in the harbour, both main gates, Onofrio’s fountains and hopefully catch a live music performance in front of the clock tower. Go. Dubrovnik.Croatia.IMG_0787

  2. Circumnavigate the Old City Walls: The walls completely encircle the old town and you can walk the entire 2km, exploring the bastions, forts and towers. The entrance is just inside the Pile Gate at the end of Stradun. See Dubrovnik from the rooftops and marvel at how wonderfully restored the old town is. Go. Dubrovnik.Croatia.DSC_9093

  3. Take the cable car and have lunch: No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without a trip up the revamped cable car to the top of Mt Srd, for outstanding views and maybe a spot of lunch. A return ticket will cost you around £13, the lower station is situated just outside the city walls near the main road. Go. Dubrovnik.Croatia.IMG_0760

  4. Go on a buggy ride with Lapad views: If you’re feeling adventurous take an hour out at the top of the Mt Srd to go on the buggy safari from the cable car – more great views, stunning countryside and lots of dust!! You’ll get to a fantastic spot to look out over the Lapad peninsula and the Elaphiti Islands.DSC_9176

  5. Visit Lokrum Island:  Just off the coast of Dubrovnik is the small Island of Lokrum and it’s the perfect place to escape the crowds. Find yourself a quiet cove overlooking the Old Town, get the picnic out on the rocks and watch the boats going in and out of the harbour. Chill. Dubrovnik. Croatia.DSC_9270

  6. Countryside cycle and wine tour: Cycle through vineyards, olive groves and ancient villages. Lunch outside a 600 year old Franciscan monastery then take a dip in a mountain stream.  After a final short ride finish the day by stopping off at an award winning local winery to sample the local grapes. We booked through Adventure Dubrovnik.DSC_9398

  7. Kayak the crystal clear waters: When the seas are calm the waters around Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island are perfect for a spot of paddling. Amazing views of the old town walls, Lokrum Island and sea caves – no experience needed. Again try Adventure Dubrovnik.Adventure_Dubrovnik_Facebook.jpg

  8. Immerse yourself in the local history: There’s plenty of museums detailing just how Dubrovnik has survived the ages, War Photo Limited perhaps being the most powerful. This gallery of thought provoking images covering the war, is a sobering reminder that Dubrovnik was a very different place just 25 years ago!!DSC_9071

  9. Relax at Buza Bar and swim: One bar (in fact two), that is worth a visit is Buza Bar – Buza I and Buza II to be precise.  Pronounced Boo-Zha, this means ‘hole’, a fact that becomes more obvious when trying to find them. Both are situated on the cliffs/rocks overlooking the Adriatic, and during day, you’ll find plenty of people using them to relax, sunbathe, swim and grab a cold drink. Drink. Dubrovnik. Croatia.DSC_9019

  10. Explore a little further afield: So you’ve pretty much exhausted all that Dubrovnik has to offer and you’ve still got some time on your hands. The good news is so well situated that there are lots of other options still left for you…day trips to other Croatian Islands, an easy round trip to Kotor, Montenegro (2 hours drive) or Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2 1/4 hours drive). Plenty of tour operators  offers these trips throughout the town.IMG_0798

  11. OK so we lied about 10, but after doing all of these amazing things, there’s only one thing left to do. Grab a table on Stradun or at the harbour, order a cold drink, watch the world go by, and absorb your experience in the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’.IMG_0753

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