Drink. Dubrovnik. Croatia.

You won’t find a large number of bars inside the Old Town in Dubrovnik and they are fairly well scattered around the town. There are plenty of places to eat that’ll serve you a drink, a few Irish Bars and numerous cafes. However, one bar (in fact two), that is worth a visit is Buza Bar – Buza I and Buza II to be precise.  Pronounced Boo-Zha, this means ‘hole’ in the local dialect, a fact that becomes more obvious when trying to find them. Both are situated on the cliffs/rocks overlooking the Adriatic, and during day, you’ll find plenty of people using them to relax, sunbathe, swim and grab a cold drink. DSC_9009DSC_9015Finding them is part of the fun – there are no signs!! They are blindingly obvious when you’re above them walking the old town walls by day, but get down into the narrow streets at night and all hope seems lost. Both are accessed by small ‘holes’ in the outer walls, just watch your head on the way in. In the evening they are a perfect spot for a cocktail as the sky turns purple. Drinks here are a little more expensive but after the effort of actually finding them, I think you deserve it!!DSC_9019DSC_9217DSC_9218

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