Go. Verona. Italy.

When you set foot in Verona’s ‘Piazza Bra’ you could be forgiven for thinking you’d arrived in ‘Little Rome’. Famous for its association with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona boasts an impressive set of sights. The Arena di Verona ampitheatre is Italy’s third largest and still hosts outdoor operas and concerts during the summer. Elsewhere the Castelvecchio an ancient military fortress is now an art museum and the Teatro Romano is a concert venue and archaeological museum. No trip to Verona would be complete withouta visit to Casa di Giuletta, small house in Verona that claims to be the home of Juliet – OK so it’s a bit of a tourist trap, with crowds lining up for photos on the balcony or next to the statue, but when in “little Rome”!  Break up the sightseeing and grab a seat in Piazza della Erbe and watch the world go by,  then walk the narrow streets and fall in love with a real life movie set making your way across Ponte Scaligero and Ponte Pietra for great views and photos…and we’ve only just scratched the surface! 



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